Harry King:  Ramma’s  NOT so Suitable Boy!

A pictorial representation of Harry’s journey in search of Ramma who is in search of Ashoka who was in search of the Buddha. Why is life not simple?

Harry’s Indian trip may start conventionally in Mumbai but he is not heading for the Golden Triangle but  North East India which gave birth to the Buddha and Ashoka and the most intriguing and inspiring time in Indian history. Ramma is excavating the past but Harry wants her in the present .

Artist Harry King was born in Cowley (Oxford) and taught art at Cheney School until his aunt’s small legacy enabled him to lease a shop in up and coming


This was where the patronage of the Combes helped launch the Pre -Raphaelites and where they  built  the landmark St Barnabas Church amid the working class terraces.

In Harry’s youth Radiohead, Ride and Supergrass  launched in the Jericho Tavern.  Opposite was the perfect place to open his art and design shop Decorator’s .His life would have continued as planned  if he hadn’t tripped over Ramma Gupta.

His journey of  turmoil ,discovery and transformation took him to


Bodhgaya  where  the Buddha  found enlightenment


Sarnath  on the outskirts of Hindu Varansi  where the Buddha preached .

Lumbini where Buddha was born


 Kushinagar where he died


Nalanda: The world’s first International University   where Harry found his enlightenment .

This vid opens with  Gothic Oxford and  Gothic Rennaissance Mumbai   but also explains why I wanted to write  Sculpting the Elephant