I mention Icolyn in the video lecture I  was asked to give  on Oxford  Castaways to the Oxford Guild of (tour) Guides. When her husband died , Icolyn  took on three jobs to keep her family afloat Despite having no money ,no savings she started the Cowley Road Soup  kitchen which mostly feeds homeless white men.   She knew hardship and prejudice.  She once   rescued a little white boy who was about to run in front of a car but his mother shouted at her,  ‘Get your filthy black hands off my boy.’ Icolyn responded to hate with love.  I also mention Euton Daley who was  also born in the Caribbean  but has made such a wonderful contribution to Oxford (Town) life . There is still a huge gulf between town and gown and it needs bridging!

Here is Icolyn’s story!Icolyn Smith

Here is the  castaway video which shows how Oxford life and culture has been enriched by immigrants from 5 continents!