For the first time in fiction this novel shows the courageous birth of the Stars Art Movement in Beijing in 1979. Little Winter is a passionate artist from the time she can hold a pen. Her haunting story connects us to this time of hope for freedom of expression in China and to a man frustrated by being kept ‘in small shoes’.

Sylvia’s historical novel Brushstrokes in Time has been translated into German and made into an audiobook . It was inspired by the artist Qu Leilei a courageous founder of the Stars Art Movement (Beijing1979).

Jenny Lewis , the acclaimed poet, says:

“I was absolutely riveted by Brushstrokes in Time – not only by the fascinating details of what life was like in China during the Cultural Revolution but also the extremely sympathetic characterisation of the protagonist, Little Winter, and her compatriots, who fought desperately for freedom of thought and speech during that dark time. I enjoyed the novel so much that I bought the audiobook to experience it a second time and found all sorts of new highlights. Sylvia Vetta has created an extraordinarily vivid and authentic portrayal of a landmark era of Chinese culture that deserves to be widely read and heard. For me, it has to be among my top ten historical novels, certainly of this century. Utterly mesmerising and unforgettable.”

Ray Foulk the founder of the Isle of Wight festivals who stole Dylan from Woodstock says:

“I could not put this page turner down. As I reached the end just one thought dominated: Everyone should read this book.”

Lady Moyra Bannister says:

“Utterly brilliant ! A quite extraordinary achievement for a first novel.”

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