Precious Mukosi swaps rural Kenya for cosmopolitan London, only to find her new home as tribal as the one she left behind. Tackling knife crime and fractured community relations in a sink estate in London and patriarchy in Western Kenya, Not so Black and White is a heart-warming and compelling read. It shines a light on how empowerment transforms lives and its characters of every skin colour and origin are unforgettable.

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Not so Black and White


Sylvia Vetta & Nancy Mudenyo Hunt




£2.99 (Ebook) for the Nasio Trust


Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction


Zimbabwean born illustrator of Winnie the Witch and other books, Korky Paul says:

“This is a powerful love story between a not so black lady, Precious, and a not so white gentleman, Adrian, played out against a sharply described backdrop of racists bigotry, changing society and outdated, cruel traditions.”

The well-travelled, documentary film-maker, Dai Richards says:

“Not So Black and White is a personal journey and a love story and a fable of modern living. Precious becomes embroiled in family feuds, gang wars, a courtroom drama and much more. Themes of racial, sexual and class prejudice are finely woven through the story – to great effect. Ultimately, this is an uplifting story where justice and love win through.”

Dominique Henderson: (Oxfordshire village librarian born in a multi-cultural suburb of Paris – a bit like the Wentworth Estate)

“This book is a true page turner. As a librarian I recommend that Not so Black and White should be on the reading list of everyone over the age of 14! It is a beautifully written eye opener – a brilliant example of how real life should be written in fiction. What I love about it is that it doesn’t down play difficulties but it shows that you don’t have to be shackled by your past. You can hope to change your own life and change the world for the better.”

Rev’d Charlotte Bannister Parker: (Associate Chaplain to the Bishop of Oxford, Associate Minister, The University Church, Visiting Research Fellow, St Benets, Oxford.)

“This fascinating book looks at the cross-cultural life of an inspiring young woman Precious, caught between two worlds of the UK and Kenya. The authors manage to weave these worlds together in a proactive way that challenges the reader to take a fresh look at critical issues that are of huge importance in our world today. From gang violence and racial tension in London to arranged marriages, girl child education, and tribal expectations in Kenya. An uplifting and captivating read.”