Let’s stop labelling people!

India’s lost emperor Ashoka set about governing India by moral force alone!  He renounced violence including the death penalty and this was Before Christ !  Ashoka turned Buddhism from a minor sect into a world religion but  his name was [...]

Qu Leilei: A Chinese Artist in Britain

Coming Soon to the Ashmolean.

Qu Leilei: A Chinese Artist in Britain (7 Nov 2017 to 15 Apr 2018.)

This exhibition and the accompanying book should establish his reputation as a great artist . Reviewing  Everyone’s Life is an Epic in 2005 [...]

Nostalgia for Empire !

Because of the rise in empire nostalgia, knowing the truth about the brutality of empire is important. Our schools don’t teach empire and most Brits know little and what they do know is coloured by ideas of benevolent patriarchy. [...]

TIME TO PUT AN END to the empathy and dynamic culture destroying idea of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION ?

TIME TO PUT AN END to the empathy and dynamic culture destroying idea of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION ?

I’m delighted that more people are voicing their opposition to this insidious  idea.  Brushstrokes in Time was made into an audio book by an [...]

Inspirational Young People – Oxford’s own Romeo and Juliet (Joe and Zara )

I can’t believe that the  young people  in this film including my grand-daughter Amber will be at university next month. Polly Biswas Gladwin, Victor Glynn and I organised these filmed workshops of Joe and Zara –Oxford’s own Romeo and Juliet [...]

In memory of Brian Aldiss

The death was announced of Brian Aldiss in this way ‘Author of British Science Fiction classics Non-stop, Hothouse and Greybeard, Aldiss’s writing spanned genres and generations, bridging the gap between classic ‘science fiction’ and contemporary literature with his Helliconia Trilogy…’

When I sent him to [...]

The Partition of India


It’s a welcome change for the BBC to focus on the partition of India. For too long the only history we get is the Tudors, WW1 and WW2.   Almost ignored  are the Industrial Revolution and  the Empire which [...]

Grayson Perry : The Hogarth of 2017 who says aloud what women only whisper.

Grayson Perry: the Hogarth of 2017?
I LOVE Grayson Perry. My first sight of his work was at the Turner Prize in 2003. From a distance his pots were exquisite high glazed and somewhat feminine. Up close there was [...]

Dissidents and Cultural Appropriation

There was something poignant about receiving the news that sales of the audio book of Brushstrokes in Time (BiT) have been hit by hints of ‘cultural appropriation’ on the same day that Liu Xiaobo died . Liu appears briefly [...]

India and England : the past and the present .

Partition voices: British Indians tell the story of the trauma of the partition of India. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08z9p9w
For the Madras Courier I tell the story of my Hindu husband’s family’s experience of partition and voice the opinion that the British Government [...]