Honesty is the best policy

Theresa May is right in saying Islamist attacks have one thing in common : an evil ideology. Silence as to where that ideology came from is to continue despite the government having the facts at their fingertips. Karren Brady [...]

The Truth is best told through fiction

Relevant ‘Start the Week’ on BBC Radio4  this morning . In a time of invented facts fiction can  tell the truth. I understand completely where Miranda Doyle is coming from ‘fictionalising’ her memoir. I have been on a similar [...]

Thank YOU, the Madras Courier!

I am over the moon with this mind-blowingly wonderful review of Brushstrokes in Time  in the Madras Courier and  on their website too.
The Madras Courier
The free on line quality newspaper is reaching almost half million people mostly [...]


I am very fortunate in the support I am getting. The poet Jenny Lewis posted this wonderful review on facebook. The success of the audio book is down to the  passion and enterprise of Catherine O’Brien  of Essential Audiobooks [...]

Life stories and why you should write yours.

I have written mini biographies of 120 people for the Castaway Series in Oxfordshire Limited Edition magazine.  Those features have been turned into 3 books in support of charities.  At the Stratford Literary Festival last year I was asked [...]

Oxtopia is FULL! Scroll down and be inspired by the life stories of Lord Patten of Barnes, Qu Leilei, Charlotte Bannister Parker and her father Roger Bannister, Peggy Seeger & more

It has been a privilege meeting and listening to the life stories of 120 amazing people. Read some of their life stories on this blog. The video journalist Zoe Broughton is not only a fine film maker but is obviously [...]

Reminiscing and The Portrait of the Artist as Pure Genius (Leonardo da Vinci)

The quest for knowledge is possibly the most inspiring quality in the V&A Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, writes SYLVIA VETTA.
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My photo writ large! No hiding place!

I emailed Andy French about the history of KOA and the question mark over its future. Instead  he wrote about me!

Oxford Times Article

It’s a lovely feature and I’m very appreciative but somewhat embarrassed too. I have never seen a [...]

Brushstrokes in Time is dedicated to anyone anywhere campaigning for freedom of expression

A Turkish agent has taken on Brushstrokes in Time. My novel is dedicated’ to anyone anywhere in the world who campaigns for freedom of expression.’ With so many journalists writers and teachers under arrest I hope it will [...]

The Cathartic affect of Brushstrokes in Time !

A delightful student has recommended Brushstrokes in Time to her Rector at Yale NUS (Singapore) suggesting I talk to the NUS. (See the extract below) Hasn’t she described the reaction to Brushstrokes in Time well? The sketch [...]