The Partition of India

It’s a welcome change for the BBC to focus on the partition of India. For too long the only history we get is the Tudors, WW1 and WW2.   The Industrial Revolution and  the Empire which created the world and [...]

India and England : the past and the present .

Partition voices: British Indians tell the story of the trauma of the partition of India.
For the Madras Courier I tell the story of my Hindu husband’s family’s experience of partition and voice the opinion that the British Government [...]

Grayson Perry : The Hogarth of 2017 who says aloud what women only whisper.

Grayson Perry: the Hogarth of 2017?
I LOVE Grayson Perry. My first sight of his work was at the Turner Prize in 2003. From a distance his pots were exquisite high glazed and somewhat feminine. Up close there was [...]

Dissidents and Cultural Appropriation

There was something poignant about receiving the news that sales of the audio book of Brushstrokes in Time (BiT) have been hit by hints of ‘cultural appropriation’ on the same day that Liu Xiaobo died . Liu appears briefly [...]

Oxtopia is FULL! Read the life stories of Chris Patten, Nancy Hunt, Qu Leilei and John Buckley, of Roger Bannister, Dwina Gibb, Peggy Seeger & more

It has been a privilege meeting and listening to the life stories of 120 amazing people. Read some of their life stories on this blog.  SCROLL DOWN to find the life story pdf next to the name of someone who interests you.

The video [...]

Talking about Life Storytelling and why you should do it – on That’s Oxfordshire TV

I  don’t like watching myself on TV but it was in a good cause. Dominique Cadiou and I were promoting the launch of The Sobell House Come4 Tea fundraising campaign, It will be launched   at The Vaults (Radcliffe [...]

Wonderful review of Brushstrokes in Time in the Madras Courier!

I am over the moon with this mind-blowingly wonderful review of Brushstrokes in Time  in the Madras Courier and  on their website too.
The Madras Courier
The free on line quality newspaper is reaching almost half million people mostly [...]


I am very fortunate in the support I am getting. The poet Jenny Lewis posted this wonderful review on facebook. The success of the audio book is down to the  passion and enterprise of Catherine O’Brien  of Essential Audiobooks [...]

Honesty is the best policy

Theresa May is right in saying Islamist attacks have one thing in common : an evil ideology. Silence as to where that ideology came from is to continue despite the government having the facts at their fingertips. Karren Brady [...]

The Truth is best told through fiction

Relevant ‘Start the Week’ on BBC Radio4  this morning . In a time of invented facts fiction can  tell the truth. I understand completely where Miranda Doyle is coming from ‘fictionalising’ her memoir. I have been on a similar [...]