Unforgettable Fire! Castaway 22 Colin Dexter the creator of Inspector Morse died today.

Colin was an early castaway. In the second picture in this blog, I showed him his life story with a photo of one of his castaway choices in Oxford Castaways. The story he told me of how he wrote [...]

Oxtopia is FULL! Read the stories of 118 inspirational people. Access some features Lord Patten of Barnes, Qu Leilei, the mistress of the real Downton Abbey, Peggy Seeger & more

It has been a privilege meeting and listening to the life stories of so many amazing people. Read some of their life stories on this blog.The video journalist Zoe Broughton is not only a fine film maker but is obviously [...]

On TV talking about Brushstrokes in Time (BiT) with Katie Isbester and BiT is Essential Audiobooks best selling title !

The audio book of ‘Brushstrokes in Time’ is Essential Audiobooks best- selling title. It has just been given a good review in Audiofile magazine. Essential Audiobooks have responded to the reflection about the music and will [...]

The poet GHALIB would weep


This opinion piece of mine mentions the poet Ghalib .The irony is that the sensuality of Ghalib’s poetry would not be admired by today’s radical Muslims, who champion a form of pleasure-despising Islam a million miles from the [...]

Art/Poet News : The Mists of Dao ( arrives in India!) and castaway news : Rev Charlotte Bannister Parker breaks a ‘stained glass ceiling’.

Castaway News:
Rev Charlotte Bannister Parker will lead a series of interviews on the topic of Press and Pressure at St Mary’s University Church in the Vaults cafe. Charlotte Bannister Parker has just been appointed leading priest: the [...]

Celebrating! Essential Audiobooks has recorded an audiobook version of Brushstokes in Time. Listen to a 3 minute clip from this fabulous production and read about Caroline Huang McLaughlin’s emotional response to my novel.

For reviews, endorsements and blogs  go to my blog Reactions to Brushstrokes in Time but  Brushstrokes in Time is getting  particularly emotional reactions from young people of Chinese ancestry living in the West. Caroline Mc Laughlin who has recorded the book [...]

Exciting new work by Weimin He (Bodleian Weston Library January 7)

Fifteen exciting new works of art by Weimin He went on display in the Bodleian Weston Library on January 7. Here is a taster. One of them has inspired me to write a sonnet  which I  have titled ‘The Mists [...]

Brushstrokes in Time Events (end 2016)

The London Launch  of Essential Audio Books : Senate House the University of London  on Thursday 17  at 6.30.

On Wednesday  16  Katie Isbester and Catherine O’Brien the founders of Claret Press and Essential Audiobooks were in Oxford  appearing on local TV. oxford-press-release  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_RYEXL9960&list=PLA7BT6X6QX-wVpAnedPnm9wpYMR76yJk4  [...]

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Some Reactions to Brushstrokes in Time

A stunning eye- opening fictional tale set in China from 1963-1993; WILD SWANS MEETS DR ZHIVAGO,

In September 1979  some young Chinese artists who had abandoned socialist realism were bravely exploring self-expression. They  tried to find a venue to display [...]

How Love Mixes Us Up and Makes the World a Better Place

My latest blog for Claret Press is more personal than usual and contains a very old photograph of me with my husband Atam. Katie Isbester has titled it

How Love Mixes Us Up and Makes the World a Better Place


In my [...]