Reminiscing and The Portrait of the Artist as Pure Genius (Leonardo da Vinci)

The quest for knowledge is possibly the most inspiring quality in the V&A Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, writes SYLVIA VETTA.
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Exclusive Chinese New Year feature : Qu Leilei one of the founders of the Stars Art Movement which changed Chinese art forever!

A coup for Chinese New Year! Exclusive interview for Oxfordshire Limited Edition with one of the founders of the Stars Art movement the courageous Qu Leilei.

Ai Weiwei, Ma Desheng, Wang Keping and Li Shuang are among [...]

Here is the cover of Brushstrokes in Time. The book is almost ready to go to print!

I’ve just received the front and back cover of Brushstrokes in Time and I’m feeling rather emotional. 10 years in the making and it really is happening! Claret Press are being brave in publishing my novel set in China [...]

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Syndicated reviews

Newsquest have syndicated a lot of the reviews listed below. Here is one of them. Maybe it is down to my Cornish heritage but I loved reviewing this exhibition.

Until recently I wrote two reviews a month for Weekend which [...]

Why and how did I become interested in China?


Pictures:  Qu Leilei and I outside  his childhood weekend home in The Summer Palace, The Stars March to Tiananmen Square  (1979) Right:Weimin He’s picture at the ROQ site inspired by my poem An Artist Observes

.Castaway No 42 [...]

Celebrate Children’s Creativity!

I remember going to the Dora Marr sale of work by Picasso and being struck by the childlike quality of quite a large proportion of it. I am impressed by children’s art when it is spontaneous. In September Oxfordshire Limited [...]

Art CONNECTS Oxford and China Centenary Exhibition of work by Fang Zhaoling and Sylvia’s review of Xu Bing@The Ashmolean


Yi Chen is Christensen fellow at the Ashmolean (  I first met Weimin He when he held that post. )

She and Shelagh Vainker curated this delightful exhibition.

I can recommend it if you need to slow down, relax and enjoy a taste of [...]

Ai Weiwei at Blenheim Palace?

I’m not imagining it! Until December 14, work by China’s most famous dissident artist is on display in the stately home of the Duke of Marlborough.


Click on the link  to read my review in Weekend  magazine.

Copy alone.Ai Weiwei at [...]

Love is Enough @ MAO ( Warhol and Morris)

Love is Enough @ MAO until March 8 ( see if it you can)

This exhibition curated by Turner prize winner, Jeremy Deller is also a winner. He told me “Warhol ruined me. In 1986, aged 20 I was at [...]

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Flight and the Artistic Imagination

Flight and the Artistic Imagination @Compton Verney (August 2012)
(This review was syndicated )

Compton Verney goes from strength to strength. Its visitor numbers are seventy per cent up on last year and the recently opened exhibition Flight and [...]