TIME TO PUT AN END to the empathy and dynamic culture destroying idea of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION ?

I’m delighted that more people are voicing their opposition to this insidious  idea.  Brushstrokes in Time was made into an audio book by an adventurous young company called Essential  Audiobooks. The actress who read it was of mixed ancestry like my children.  Do they have to choose between one culture and another?  Sales waned when Brushstrokes in Time was criticised because the writer is English!  The irony is that I heard about it on the day Liu Xiaobo died. A Chinese writer will risk their freedom – as he did – if they write chapters like mine on the events of 1989.  My novel is endorsed by China experts and the editor of the prestigious Indian online paper The Madras Courier.   Writers like me who want to tackle tough subjects can be  thwarted by an authoritarian government that censors my material and a liberal West who won’t let me tell the story of the courageous Stars artists because I am not of the correct ethnicity.


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See also the Reith Lectures: Mistaken Identities, Kwame Anthony Appiah (particularly 3 and 4, on Colour and Culture):
Cultural Appropriation is a Toxic Concept, Farah Shah: