This book can be appreciated as a source of easy to prepare inexpensive recipes which are delicious and healthy. 25 recipes were produced by Helen Peacocke who for 25 years wrote a recipe per week in The Oxford Times. The second element is the special (optional) ingredient in each recipe. Spirulina is a bright green algae which is 65 % protein. (In the UK a bag costs about £12 but lasts for 6 + months)  But this is a cookbook with a difference:  it comes with inspirational stories which connect the Oxfordshire Village of Kennington with the West Kenyan village of Musanda through an inspirational charity called The Nasio Trust.

Sylvia Vetta’s role in this book brings together two parts of her life. Involved in KOA for 40 years she has chaired the organisation for 16 of them. Kennington is unique in that every year for 48 years, through KOA, it has voted to raise money for a development project aimed at empowering people to help themselves. KOA funded the spirulina project for the Nasio Trust which it hopes will enable the charity to become self – sufficient in Kenya. 

The book is available from the Nasio Trust on line shop for £4.99