Green Power!

On  July 15  Nancy Hunt  and I were interviewed for 20 minutes on Talk Oxfordshire. It is about the latest book I have been involved with. GREEN POWER The Spirulina Cookbook brings together many elements in my life.  

I chair [...]

Rebecca Allison (Martin) and her musical partnership with pianist and composer Nia Williams

I am still in shock at the news that Rebecca Alison (nee Martin) died yesterday at a tragically young age. I was privileged to interview her and Nia Williams for Oxfordshire Limited Edition. I sent them to Oxtopia as [...]

The launch of ‘I Love You All’

Tim Metcalfe, before his tenure as editor of Oxfordshire Limited Edition came to an end, agreed to send Trevor Cowlett to Oxtopia . My April 2015 Castaway was not famous like castaways  Sir Roger Bannister or  Peggy Seeger  but is the director of [...]

Bagley Woods : A natural and unnatural history!

I wrote this to promote the Bagley Wood Fun Run (in The Oxford Times)

The village of Kennington is squeezed into a narrow track of land between Bagley Woods and the River Thames. The ancient woodland was first mentioned in [...]

Kennington is unique !

Kennington is the only village in the country to choose to raise money every year for a chosen overseas project. 2013 is KOA’s 45th year.
I’ve been the chair sixteen times but now we have a [...]

Sylvia introduces 3 castaways to the village of Kennington

Castaways Peggy Seeger, Bill Heine and Charlotte Bannister Parker appear in this video  as do a few Kennington jokes and a star performer in the shape of a 1954 MG. The KOA baby is the fabulous singer Rebecca  Martin [...]

Kennington Literary Festival 2011

The Festival began with a film shown on Friday 14th October. The Ultimate Survivor  showed  the  100 year history of the Ultimate Picture Palace , the little cinema on Jeune Street off the Cowley Road . It was produced [...]

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Michael Wright: The Last Officer in the British Indian Army

Michael Wright: the last officer in the British Indian Army
The village of Kennington, where I live, is the only village in the country to have chosen to fundraise for an overseas project every year, since 1969. In the [...]

Kennington Free Literary Festival

The first  Kennington Free Literary Festival was held on Saturday the 24th of April 2010 at the Kennington Village Centre. The day included; author talks, book sellers, stands and activities for all ages!

Helen Rappaport had her first Oxfordshire audience for Beautiful Forever and [...]

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BBC Radio Oxford Interview

Listen to my interview by Jo Thoenes on BBC Radio Oxford, broadcast on 22nd June 2009. The interview covers the rise of Kennington community spirit.