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Oxtopia is FULL! Read the life stories of Chris Patten, Qu Leilei , Roger Bannister, Dwina Gibb, Peggy Seeger & more


I am a fan of Desert Island Discs . It inspired me to invent Oxtopia and  to dispatch 120 amazing people to my  mythical island . SCROLL DOWN to find the name of someone who interests you. Click on the PDF to read inspiring [...]

Green Power!

On  July 15  Nancy Hunt  and I were interviewed for 20 minutes on Talk Oxfordshire. It is about the latest book I have been involved with. GREEN POWER The Spirulina Cookbook brings together many elements in my life.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mfDi8Cia70&list=PLA7BT6X6QX-zLHM8mmx4eLc6ZOS6LZOWi  

I chair [...]

Rebecca Allison (Martin) and her musical partnership with pianist and composer Nia Williams

I am still in shock at the news that Rebecca Alison (nee Martin) died yesterday at a tragically young age. I was privileged to interview her and Nia Williams for Oxfordshire Limited Edition. I sent them to Oxtopia as [...]

Exclusive Chinese New Year feature : Qu Leilei one of the founders of the Stars Art Movement which changed Chinese art forever!

A coup for Chinese New Year! Exclusive interview for Oxfordshire Limited Edition with one of the founders of the Stars Art movement the courageous Qu Leilei.

Ai Weiwei, Ma Desheng, Wang Keping and Li Shuang are among [...]

News from Oxtopia: Eminent entomologist names rare butterfly ‘Sylvia Vetta’, a message from Brian Aldiss and an inspirational project led by Charlotte Bannister Parker.

As well as inviting local castaways to the launch of Brushstrokes in Time on February 2 at Blackwell’s in Oxford @ 6.45pm  (free but booking preferable.)  I inquired about  life on Oxtopia. This was TV naturalist  Dr George McGavin’ssurprising reply.

“I [...]

Click Here for castaways’ news and pictures : Bettany Hughes, Chris Wright / help for science related industry, Weimin He’s ROQ hoardings, The Debs of Bletchley Park, Roger Bannister’s Twin Tracks, the NatWest Venus and more…

I sometimes think that the Oxtopians have become a club. They are all so different and come  from such diverse backgrounds that many would never have met without their castaway experience They may be very different but they like each other!


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Amazing public art in Oxford

It looks like Weimin He’s insightful depictions of the development of the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter will  remain on display for 3 or 4 years. Take the  newly created short cut between Walton Street and Woodstock Road  and  you will see [...]

The power of love is at the heart of the story of Icolyn Smith

Often the people who are the most generous  are not  wealthy in terms of money. Icolyn is one of those.  Born to a subsistence farmer  in rural  Jamaica  she came to Oxford in 1965. Empathy  was all she had when she [...]

Whose arrived on Oxtopia in 2015? Legs Larry Smith, Lady Carnarvon, Georgina Ferry and Aidan Meller are joined by Katie Read

Tim Metcalfe’s apt title for this month’s castaway feature (June 2015) is ‘What Katie Did Next.’ The Katie in question is director and publicist Katie Read. At only 37 she already has  a string of achievements in the theatre. [...]

The launch of Stealing Dylan from Woodstock.

 Artist and castaway, Weimin He’s on the spot sketch of the launch of Stealing Dylan from Woodstock.

Ray and Caroline Foulk asked me to compere their book launch on June 9 in Blackwell at 7-8pm. When I cast Ray away [...]