Exclusive Chinese New Year feature : Qu Leilei one of the founders of the Stars Art Movement which changed Chinese art forever!

A coup for Chinese New Year! Exclusive interview for Oxfordshire Limited Edition with one of the founders of the Stars Art movement the courageous Qu Leilei.

Ai Weiwei, Ma Desheng, Wang Keping and Li Shuang are among [...]

How Ray Foulk stole Dylan from Woodstock

I feel privileged. My thirty first castaway, Ray Foulk, was the man responsible for stealing Bob Dylan from Woodstock (NY) and luring him to the Isle of Wight. For a few days in 1969 the eyes of the world [...]

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Dancing with the gods :

Review of Royal Academy exhibition Weekend 2007
(I am currently writing an Anglo Indian novel inspired by the idea of rediscovering lost history. Many of these sensuous sculptures were destroyed and others lost. )

The skills of that [...]

Every Antique tells a Story

January 2007

This was the introductory feature of my Oxfordshire Limited Edition (The Oxford Times) series in 2007. I used this story of my own and combined it with the parallel story from Blenheim Palace to invite readers to send [...]

A Rural Revolution

Oxfordshire | Archive | 2007 | June | 5

This was part of my Every Antique tells a Story series published in Oxfordshire Limited Edition but I sought this one out myself. I had seen some of William Clegg’s truncheons [...]

Light Hearted Look at the Seventies

The Decade that Taste Forgot? That is the question posed in the title of the latest exhibition at the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock. Readers who remember the flowered shirts, flared trousers, nylon bedspreads and the psychedelic curtains of the period may agree with the proposition.
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A Decade that Changed the Face of Fashion

The V&A celebrates Dior and the other innovative designers who brightened up austerity Britain, writes SYLVIA VETTA.
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China: The First Emperor

SYLVIA VETTA talks to the Chinese artist Qu lei lei about The First Emperor: China's Terracotta Warriors at the British Museum.
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