On Monday April 28, castaways from Oxford Castaways 1 gathered to greet the new arrivals to Oxtopia. The venue for the launch of Oxford Castaways 2 was Rochester House transformed by castaways  Kim Pickin and Tish Francis into a palace of the imagination now renamed as The Story Museum in Pembroke Street, Oxford.

Castaways Rebecca Alison and Nia Williams (Mezzopiano)  played and sang, the 90 guests wrote on artist Diana Bell’s giant travelling book and played in the museum’s exhibition ‘26 characters’ before gathering in The Story Exchange.  Castaway Helen Peacocke photographed me on the story throne and I was able to thank Tim Metcalfe, the editor of Oxfordshire Limited Edition and publisher James Harrison of Oxfordfolio for their support.  As everyone exchanged stories over wine and a light international buffet, the decibels rose and Oxford Castaways 2 was open for scrutiny and appeared to be received with approbation.

OC2 with book  OC2 Jenny and Di  OC2 Tim. OC2launch with Roger and Moyra Amita and E and A at the OC2 launch

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