Nancy and me

Its official ! On Friday, Nancy Hunt was named ‘the most inspirational woman’ in the UK. The Venus Awards were established in 2011 to promote women in business.  In her category Nancy was recognised as the founder of the Nasio Trust and Exit 7 and for her inspirational story.

Nancy was born in Kenya. She was the only castaway who couldn’t answer my question, ‘When were you born?’ She replied,   “As a girl I wasn’t valued and that is probably why my father failed to register my birth. Some years later, my sister Betty decided that I needed a birth certificate and she registered me. She conjured up the date of 10th January 1970 although nobody knew for certain when I was born. I had been named Ismael after my grandfather. Betty felt that I should have a girl’s name and, on the certificate, I am Nancy Ishmael Ndula”

Of the award she said, “Nasio was only possible because of the team I have supporting me. But I hope that as it becomes known in Kenya it will help empower women. It is women who hold Kenyan society together. Some members of my family still say ‘It’s a pity you weren’t born a boy’.”

You can read her full story and about Nasio and Exit 7 on the pdf below.  She has taken over 100 young offenders to Kenya and not one has re offended.

Nancy Hunt