I feel privileged. My thirty first castaway, Ray Foulk, was the man responsible for stealing Bob Dylan from Woodstock (NY) and luring him to the Isle of Wight. For a few days in 1969 the eyes of the world were on that small island because Dylan had not performed in a bookable concert for three years.
In May’s Oxfordshire Limited Edition I will review his memoir of the 1969 festival (written with his daughter Caroline). Guess what? He has given me the very first proof copy! ‘Stealing Dylan from Woodstock’ is an evocative and well written account of those innocent and fun times. The delight is in the detail and the humour.
When Dylan was ready to sign the contract Ray was asked to go to New York. The twenty three year old needed to rush to obtain a passport because he had never before left the country.Ray's book cover