Tim Metcalfe, before his tenure as editor of Oxfordshire Limited Edition came to an end, agreed to send Trevor Cowlett to Oxtopia . My April 2015 Castaway was not famous like castaways  Sir Roger Bannister or  Peggy Seeger  but is the director of a village choir –  the  Kennington and District Choir.  But Trevor Cowlett’s story is an unusual one. Throughout all the difficulties of his life a driving passion has sustained him, music. Now in his eighties and on dialysis, Trevor still teaches 60 students a week. His amateur choir faces their biggest ever challenge  on Sunday April 19 when they will sing Duruflés Requiem in Exeter College Chapel. The choir’s concerts are always un-ticketed but donations are requested. Over its 40 years, the choir has raised £430,000 for good causes, local, national and international.  Click on the pdf to read his story.Trevor Cowlett.

 In recognition of the choir’s contribution, I have written ‘I Love You All’, ( Trevor’s words) the story of the choir told in a chorus of voices. I drew on the experience  gained from writing the castaway series…biography with a twist!  In the case of ‘I Love You All‘  I asked choir members, soloists, pianists and Trevor himself to talk about their lives and how music has come to play an important part in them.   140 people ( A Full House) attended the launch  in Kennington Village Centre  on May 2. Some of the ‘voices’ in the book queued for Trevor to sign their copy. Ali Jones interviewed Trevor and I on Radio Oxford. Here is the link. Forward to 1.10 pm.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02pstkg#auto

I Love You All is available from Blackwell (Oxford), Mostly Book (Abingdon) and from choir members. Any problems contact me on sylviavetta@gmail.com.

T . i-love-you-all-cover…..  Trevor , Nia and Yasmin   The author of I love You All!