It looks like Weimin He’s insightful depictions of the development of the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter will  remain on display for 3 or 4 years. Take the  newly created short cut between Walton Street and Woodstock Road  and  you will see his work on 50 giant  hoardings.

The Observatory and Weimin were the inspiration for the opening line of my poem.

“In Oxford, a solitary observer look to the stars
dreaming points of painted time.”

For info and images click on the link compiled by the wonderfully supportive Nic Newman.

Caroline Ashley’s  poem Blessing  is  also on a hoarding.  It’s inspiring to think that thousands of people who don’t normally read poetry will see Caroline’s poem and  ‘An Artist Observes.’  But one thing I am sure off : those who take the time to look will not forget Weimin’s artworks.

.Weimin and my poem 2013 06 04 math final stage (1) Artist Weimin He, Colin Dexter and Sir Roger Bannister

Its best to see the hoardings but if you live far away click on this link to see some of them.   North Hoardings Revised 02-06

My feature on the project  prior to the hoardings going up.Weimin at ROQ

If Chinese art and history interests you click on the section below  called ‘China’and you will find features on AiWeiwei, Xu Bing, Fang Shaolin, Qu Leilei  and more.