I wrote this after Alison Layman’s film of Ai Weiwei titled ‘Never Sorry’ at the Phoenix Picture House (Walton Street) on Wednesday at 6pm for Arts Week Forum .
His career as an artist began with the Stars Art Movement. (1979) I wanted to tell their amazing story. Brushstrokes in Time began as a non- fiction book but turned into a novel! My recently published book is the reason I have been asked to speak on Wednesday. I have also been privileged to review Ai Weiwei’s exhibitions at Tate Modern Blenheim Palace and the Royal Academy. I brought them together for a feature in Oxfordshire Limited Edition last autumn. Here it is Brushstrokes in Time OLE

Ai Weiwei - Copy
Tickets can be reserved from Susan Moxley on 01865 516556.

My Weekly magazine has called me ‘an exciting new novelist’ and I’m a ‘new voice’ at the Stratford Literary Festival.…/new-voices-bru…
What fun! It makes me feel almost half my age.(See pic!) Once upon a time … Thank you My Weekly.( April 23 edition) I’m not a sentimental writer and I don’t think Brushstrokes in Time is likely to appeal to the majority of My Weekly readers but I enjoyed writing ‘Alien Invasion’. It isn’t how it sounds: ‘Alien’ film buffs will be disappointed. After Little Winter’s sometimes harrowing story, writing it was joyous light relief. I like injecting humour into my short stories.

Hope Cove 1994
There was an ‘ exciting’ atmosphere in The Oxford Literary Festival Marquee today for my talk and artist Weimin He was there to capture it!
Weimin's sketch of OX Lit festival marquee event

When I think of the sufferings of Ai Weiwei exhibited in his installation at his recent exhibition at the RA,( see pic) I feel privileged to be asked to introduce the Oxford Arts Forum screening of ‘Never Sorry’ at the Phoenix Picture House (Oxford) on May 11 at 6pm. ‘Never Sorry’ is mostly biographical.

Ai Weiwei - Copy
Ai Weiwei in prison

AiWeiwei film ad with press release (2)