I am over the moon with this mind-blowingly wonderful review of Brushstrokes in Time  in the Madras Courier and  on their website too.
The Madras Courier
The free on line quality newspaper is reaching almost half million people mostly Indian diaspora readers. The British population of Chinese ancestry is the minority community most neglected by the media. Think of all the major TV soap operas and films. Have you seen a single Chinese face on them? Qu Leilei whose stories inspired me to write this novel lives in Wimbledon. He is famous among the Chinese community and in China but could Claret Press get a major newspaper to review Brushstrokes in Time? So my novel inspired by courageous events in 1979 in which Qu Leilei and Ai Weiwei were involved has had to spread by word of mouth! But now an INDIAN newspaper has taken it up!

Leilei and Shao Fei