I love this video. https://www.facebook.com/WellRoundedLifebyattn/videos/672422466422857

It shows the stupidity of judging people by how they look.

The wonderful Billy Jean King says ‘We’d be better off as a society if we stopped assuming that people are the way we judge them from exteriors.’

How I wish ! Commenting on the ms of my second novel  ‘Sculpting the Elephant’  Katie Isbester of Claret Press said ‘Here’s what I think is particularly good about what you’ve written:

You’re breaking all sorts of stereotypes, gender, class, nationality…’THAT gave me so much pleasure because I desire that people be judged by their ACTIONS and not by their background, their money or what they look like!  Like Billy Jean King I have learned that from my personal experience as well as from science. I wrote this for the Madras Courier.


I recently spoke to a community group in the Astons and showed some collages of some of the inspirational 120 people I have  interviewed  saying  ‘These people have achieved amazing things   but if you passed them in the street what would you think about them ?’