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The first launch was in the former Coopers Oxford Marmalade factory which Sylvia and Gill named as ‘The Jam Factory’ when they ran an art and antiques centre there (1987-1998) Some of the dealers came as well as Oxtopians such as Dwina Gibb, Legs Larry Smith, Ray Foulk , documentary filmmaker  Dai Richards,  director of Going on a Bear Hunt – Joanna Harrison, members of  Oxford Writers Group, Writers in Oxford and  journalists including Shrenik Rao the editor of the Madras Courier. Old Jam Factory hands particularly enjoyed the display of nostalgic photographs and newspaper articles from when Sylvia traded there.

The Kennington launch was more for family, friends and local people especially library volunteers. It took the form of an Indian Evening with local and Indian entertainment and an Indian meal. Everyone appeared to have a great time. Two videos were played at both launches. In the first one Sylvia described how Atam and she met on the steps of the first Gurdwara in the UK. (See home page) The second one was sent by Professor Rebecca Haque from Dhaka in Bangladesh. I’ll post that separately and add Jam Factory pics.

The wonderful Weimin He made exquisite sketches at the Indian Evening The attractive woman with a child on her knee is Elizabeth Vetta the artist who drew the elephant used on the cover of Sculpting the Elephant. Claret Press’s designer Petya  Tsankova incorporated it in her design

Coming up in May –launch events in Antiques on High. Do come along on May 2.

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Kennington Pics

Antonia , Alexandra and Anastasia Vetta arrive in  their Indian suits and later wowed the audience with their piano playing .(I’ve posted the recordings on  my facebook page)

The view from the kitchen as the guests arrived.

Sylvia’s older grandchildren Elysia and Amber Vetta worked hard in the kitchen .

The boring bit ?


Two of Weimin’s sketches:

Andrew Smith of Confluence Collective Oxford composed and performed a song titled ‘More United’ and the audience joined in the chorus

The Food

Raahi Patel  danced  the story of Ganesh   the Elephant god!

The end but the girls wanted to dance all night .

With us in Kennington was the delightful Catherine O’Brien over from New York for the London Book Fair so made it to Kennington where she announced that Essential Audio Books will  record  an audio version of Sculpting the Elephant to be released probably  in late summer.