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This pic  was taken at the launch of Oxford Castaways 3 . These are some of the castaways. They include Roger Bannister-the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes.  Ray Foulk who stole Dylan from Woodstock  and founded the Isle of Wight Festival is to the left of Dwina.  Legs Larry Smith who danced in a tutu for Elton John  was a great friend of  George Harrison who wrote a song about him and gave him the name ‘Legs’  The world owes agreat debt to the smiling guy on the right. He helped the Russians safely dispose of 220 rotting nuclear submarines after the end of the Cold War. With me at the front is Sister Frances who founded the world’s first hospice for children . Next to Legs Larry is Joanna Harrison the film maker . Euton Daley -the  black guy with the beard  is a performance  poet , actor and all round talent who has just been  given an award at the Edinburgh Festival.   Just behind Dwina is Annie Sloan the chalk paint lady who was in an all girls  punk rock band in the   seventies.


Dwina at the launch of my novel ‘Sculpting the Elephant’.

The cover of Oxfordshire Limited Edition when my castaways feature was  about  Dwina.  She was photographed in the garden at the Prependal. The Brushstrokes in Time feature  was by me too.