The disgraceful scenes in Bulgaria gives this recent email of mine to BBC Radio4  Feedback  relevance.

‘My husband is not white and we married when that was unusual. In the seventies I wrote to Hugh Weldon and the Director General saying that black, brown and yellow people pay their licence fee as well as white people. Why do they only see themselves caricatured and racially profiled on TV and their voices rarely heard on radio? It took far too long for that to change. For me the perfect example of how it should be is Jim Al Khalili’s The Life Scientific. There is nothing token about it. All the programmes are worthwhile. There is no forced equality only life as it is, male, female and every shade of skin colour under the sun. Congratulations Jim. I hope others take note of your shining example.’

  …. But even the BBC still has a long way to go – think the Naga Munchetti story and when have you seen a Chinese complexion on any British soap opera? Sure the Archers is the everyday story of Country Folk and most are going to be white but the road I live in my village (Kennington Oxfordshire) about  8% have backgrounds  of every religion and of  every hue . At least brown and black people have made an appearance in the Archer’s 70 year history but I can’t remember  a single Chinese ancestry person –  not as a visitor to Grey Gables  or to Lower Loxely or a random customer at the Bull or a guest in a home or to the church etc  Lower Loxley art gallery has obviously not encountered Chinese art and although it is stereotypical you would have thought that someone could have bought a Chinese Takeaway!

In case it interests you this vid is my experience. White women married to men of a different skin tone rarely get heard