We can’t travel physically to the four corners of the earth at this time but we can in our imagination through BOOKS. One kind of travel is possible only in books (at the moment) TIME travel. If you want to travel to China in 1979 at a time of hope and courage of the Stars artists then I take you there with ‘Brushstrokes in Time’ (Thanks to 3 years interviewing one of the founding Stars artists Qu Leilei).Closer to my own life experience in Oxford and India is ‘Sculpting the Elephant’ but the subplot takes you into past histories thanks to a TIME TRAVELLING chest of drawers which I own.

The history of my chest of drawers ? In the late C19th a couple had it made in the Cotswolds. It travelled to India – to Moossorie where they would teach. In those days you sailed to India and could have an empty cabin and ship your own furniture to help you feel at home in your new life. They filled its 12 drawers with the belongings they wanted to have with them. I bought it from their 84 year old son in 1983. In Sculpting the Elephant I have it going to India and back TWICE! You can see it behind me in this 1 minute video .


I have put out a challenge on Facebook  to recommend your favourite books that  take them either back in time or forward in time.