What a taste of  nostalgia – a nostalgic ride!  Tony Morris is part of the Oxford Indie Book Fair and he wrote to me about his web site morrisoxford.co.uk. I replied that I ridden in a fabulous Morris Oxford with folk legend Peggy Seeger and sent him this link. He hadn’t seen the video before and loved it. Oxford Castaway Philip Hind  filmed it in 2013 for KOA when we were fundraising for the Children’s Radio Foundation .  I looked at it again but the nostalgia was tinged with sadness. The mellow silky voice coming out of the car radio belonged to BBC Radio Oxford presenter Bill Heine who sadly died last year.  Bill was a consultant for CRF and the Director of CRF UK, Rev Charlotte Bannister Parker led his memorial service in the church of St Mary the Virgin. The video reminded me of her wonderfully kind father Roger Bannister. He opened the KOA Fun Run that year and invited the winners to his house for tea. My favourite picture of Charlotte and Roger was taken at the launch of Oxford Castaways 3 – one of the last public events  that  Sir Roger attended. He attended all the Oxford Castaway events. I miss him. He was an exceptional human being.

https://vimeo.com/64536645  Fifties Fandango