Precious is the daughter of a rural chief in Kenya. She is strong, smart and utterly determined. There is so much she wants to achieve in her life. But this will not happen here. Not in Kenya. Not under the stifling burden of tribal expectations and cultural traditions. To become the woman she wants to be, she must leave her homeland and all she knows and head to London. But Precious soon discovers that her new home, a south London sink-hole estate, is just as challenging and tribal as the one she left behind. Against the backdrop of London’s gang violence and racial tension, Precious will become an inspirational figure and embark on an epic adventure that will have a profound impact on so many lives.

‘Not so Black & White’ is a totally gripping and uplifting tale of justice, love and gritty determination.

Here are a few of the reactions to the FOKL Author talk we did on Nov 4 . Nancy was in Mumias and I was in Oxfordshire but it worked well as you can see from this small sample of  the unanimously enthusiastic reactions.

‘What a great double-act Syl and Nancy are. The talk was interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining too. I literally shed tears with Nancy as she talked about her experiences as a girl in Kenya. (Sheila Costello/author)

‘Adrian and I have just participated in a  moving Kennington Library
meeting about Not so Black and White. It was so good to meet Nancy and listen to her own experiencesand the lack of opportunities for girls to be educated. She is an
amazing woman and has set up education and medical facilities in Mumias.’

‘It was excellent.  We really needed something uplifting like that today of all days'(Marilyn)

Nancy and I are happy to talk to schools, community groups and book groups or have discussions (internationally)  and on BiT and Sculpting the Elephant too . Get in touch on sylviavetta@gmail.com (No charge!)