32 years ago on May 28, 1989 more than 1.5 million Hong Kongers took to the streets in support of the Tiananmen Movement in China, 8 days after the Chinese Communist Party declared Martial Law in Beijing. Every June 4 since, Hong Kongers held vigils to remember those who lost their lives in the pursuit of free speech. Yesterday those planning to commemorate the deaths were arrested. Please keep the memory alive. Please keep books non-fiction and fiction that tell the story in print. Ma Jian wrote Beijing Coma “to reclaim history from a totalitarian government whose role is to erase it.”

My contribution is Brushstrokes in Time. I was honoured today that Drackenhaus Verlag has used Pinsel striche – the German version of  Brushstrokes in Time as their June 4  commemoration. Verlag fu?r chinesische Kultur