Before the Oxford Castaways books and my three novels,  I produced a book of ten mostly five mile circular walks for KOA.  They were originally led by Jack and Margaret Ibbott, who I thought had walked every inch of Oxfordshire’s  footpaths.

Oxfordshire Rambles

Because of Oxfordshire Rambles , The Oxford Mail asked me to suggest walks for their readers .

Here is one of them:

I’m so lucky to live on a beautiful stretch of the Thames . Wanting to encourage families to get  children walking and connecting with nature, I’ve recently written a short series of 1-2 mile shire walks in Tuesday editions of The Oxford Mail.

Some local readers of Sculpting the Elephant asked me to suggest a walk that took in the locations in my novel.  This takes you to the Oxford most tourists don’t visit – Harry King’s TOWN sites as well as to the spires of Ramma Gupta’s  ‘gown.’


If you go to London, here’s an unusual London walk compiled by my fellow Claret Press author Julie Anderson . There are a lot of intriguing underground locations in her thriller The Plaque 


Click to access plaguewalktrifoldv2.pdf