Ben Fox contacted me a few months after he started  It’s a new and quirky search engine for books. He asked me to recommend books on China

Since then I have written this one on Mixed Relationships because of  Sculpting the Elephant.

What is Sculpting the Elephant about?

I felt the urge to write a novel that could appeal to the children of marriages which, like mine and Atam’s cross boundaries. Sculpting the Elephant is about an Oxford artist called Harry and an Indian historian called Ramma. No one chooses to fall in love with someone from a different country, a different colour, religion, or caste but when it happens how do you cope with the consequences?

I hate stereotypes. The aim of my books and my lived experience is to get people to see each other as individuals – crossing invisible barriers. My Indian-born husband Atam Vetta’s PhD was in quantitative genetics. I learned from him that each of us is unique. Sadly the world is not organised to cope with that scientific truth.

I hope you find my book recommendations thought provoking.

I love and recently found this post on it.

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This was my blog on China.