At Oxib tomorrow, I’ll talk about and sign copies of my just published  memoir Food of Love Cooking up a life through gender class and race. It’s received great endorsements from the journalist , Yasmin Alibhai  Brown, the historian and broadcaster ,Rana Mitte , the internationally known poet Sudeep Sen, the artist Diana Bell and the academic and author Prof Jane Spiro. for all 5 talks and performances.

The Oxford Mail feature about the fair includes pics from April

I’ll bring copies of Brushstrokes in Time the only major book which tells the story of the courageous Stars artists. I invented a fictional artist to make the novel a page turner but the background to the story is true events. Listen to the artists I interviewed over 3 years on this trailer  .

Trailer link:

Let’s celebrate courage. We are seeing amazing courage from the women of Iran . These artists needed courage too.


The photo below is of Chi Xiaoning who filmed the events of 1979- seen here on top of the Democracy Wall – yes there was one!

That film has been found is the basis of Beijing Spring .  The  Chief Foreign Correspondent of the Guardian , John Gittings  endorsed Brushstrokes in Time.

He emailed me from Hong Kong . They are  currently showing it in the Museum of Modern art -interesting!