I  wish I could make it to Edinburgh to see the Grayson Perry retrospective. My first encounter with the artist was in 2003.  My friend Simonetta Agnello Hornby and I were visiting the Turner Prize. The moment I walked into Grayson’s room I was smashed. From a distance his ceramics were glisteningly beautiful like lighthouses beckoning you. Up close his pots were troublingly, hinting at abuse behind closed doors. This morning he was interviewed on the Today programme. 8.25

I totally agree with him about the effects of class. When I was in the art and antiques trade I had little capital so for me art pottery was art on clay instead of canvas. I’ve followed his career ever since in 2003. Here are a few pics.


I’ve read his books watched his insightful TV shows and been cheered up by his Art Club during Covid.  They reveal not just his talent but his humour and empathy. Essex boy he may be but listen to his Reith lectures to realise that he has few rivals in the British art world for intellect and daring honesty.