A series of commemorative events are taking place in Oxford to mark Sir Roger Bannister’s breaking of the the four minute mile.

Last night,  I watched this film in Merton College where Roger was a student . It reminded me how he went to work at St Mary’s Paddington on the moring he broke the 4 minute mile before catching the train to Oxford .


When, in 2011, I cast Roger away on Oxtopia  he most wanted to talk about his career in neurology. His scientific achievements were more appreciated in the US than here.  They had recently given him a lifetime achievement award . Writing the Oxford Castaway series was such a privilege – I interviewed many inspirational people.  What struck me about Sir Roger was his complete lack of boastfulness. What I loved about the people  I sent to Oxtopia was that they were achievers rather than celebrities and none more so than Roger. His contributions to Sport for All is under appreciated. One of his last public appearances was at the launch of Oxford Castaways 3. This photo with his daughter Charlotte was taken then and I love it. Because of castaways I was also able to review his memoir Twin Tracks i.e. his lives in Sport  and Science As I got to know him better I sensed how important family life was to him.  He  excelled at everything he touched.

The Madras Courier published this tribute to him written by me.