4 05, 2022

No to culture wars, anti -woke and cancel culture. Yes to telling  the WHOLE story. That way lies understanding and  a sense of belonging.

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Shakespeare and Donne created thousands of words between them - its a British trait that we can be proud of. Let's find new words for our time . This government’s war on woke includes opposing the ‘decolonisation’ of museums, history

7 06, 2021

Important lost film from Beijing 1979 . It’s moving inspirational and relevant !

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Through never-before-seen footage which had been hidden from the authorities for thirty-five years, Beijing Spring chronicles China’s first democracy movement and forgotten struggle for freedom of expression especially the brave Stars Artists who risked their freedom .  Andy Cohen has

6 01, 2021

Hong Kong today…The pendulum swings to the era of show trials. The first leader of the Democracy Movement in Brushstrokes in Time .

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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/06/dozens-of-hong-kong-pro-democracy-figures-arrested-in-sweeping-crackdown This is so sad because the political pendulum is swinging back towards Mao’s Cultural Revolution.  I have been interested in China from childhood and studied some modules of Chinese history at college when that was rare. When I met

15 12, 2020

Kamila Shamsi and the heartbreak of not telling stories because of ‘appropriation’

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  https://www.guernicamag.com/shamsie_02_01_2012/? I hate stereotypes and dislike of them is  I believe the motivation for the sad ‘appropriation ‘saga. The wonderful Kamila Shamsi rightly  wonders in this link - why there should be obstacles to telling peoples stories.  For 18