Letters to the press

Sadly 10 years after writing to The Independent the word ‘honour’ is still used to describe brutal murders.

Brushstrokes in Time is dedicated to anyone anywhere campaigning for freedom of expression

A Turkish agent has taken on Brushstrokes in Time. My novel is dedicated’ to anyone anywhere in the world who campaigns for freedom of expression.’ With so many journalists writers and teachers under arrest I hope it will [...]

The Cathartic affect of Brushstrokes in Time !

A delightful student has recommended Brushstrokes in Time to her Rector at Yale NUS (Singapore) suggesting I talk to the NUS. (See the extract below) Hasn’t she described the reaction to Brushstrokes in Time well? The sketch [...]

Thank YOU, the Madras Courier!


I am over the moon with this mind-blowingly wonderful review in the Madras Courier today.
The free on line quality newspaper is reaching almost half million people mostly Indian diaspora readers. The British population of Chinese ancestry is the [...]

Unforgettable Fire! Castaway 22 Colin Dexter the creator of Inspector Morse died today.

Colin was an early castaway. In the second picture in this blog, I showed him his life story with a photo of one of his castaway choices in Oxford Castaways. The story he told me of how he wrote [...]

The poet GHALIB would weep


This opinion piece of mine mentions the poet Ghalib .The irony is that the sensuality of Ghalib’s poetry would not be admired by today’s radical Muslims, who champion a form of pleasure-despising Islam a million miles from the [...]

Art/Poet News : The Mists of Dao ( arrives in India!) and castaway news : Rev Charlotte Bannister Parker breaks a ‘stained glass ceiling’.

Castaway News:
Rev Charlotte Bannister Parker will lead a series of interviews on the topic of Press and Pressure at St Mary’s University Church in the Vaults cafe. Charlotte Bannister Parker has just been appointed leading priest: the [...]

Celebrating! Essential Audiobooks has recorded an audiobook version of Brushstokes in Time. Listen to a 3 minute clip from this fabulous production and read about Caroline Huang McLaughlin’s emotional response to my novel.

For reviews, endorsements and blogs  go to my blog Reactions to Brushstrokes in Time but  Brushstrokes in Time is getting  particularly emotional reactions from young people of Chinese ancestry living in the West. Caroline Mc Laughlin who has recorded the book [...]

How Love Mixes Us Up and Makes the World a Better Place

My latest blog for Claret Press is more personal than usual and contains a very old photograph of me with my husband Atam. Katie Isbester has titled it

How Love Mixes Us Up and Makes the World a Better Place


In my [...]

My Weekly Blog on Claret Press


I wrote this after Alison Layman’s film of Ai Weiwei titled ‘Never Sorry’ at the Phoenix Picture House (Walton Street) on Wednesday at 6pm for Arts Week Forum .
His career [...]

Reflections on radicalisation

Published in The Oxford Times on Thursday March 3 2016

Alison Boulton, in her feature Radical Approach to Terror, interviewed Professor Roger Griffin of Oxford Brookes University ahead of his lecture on March 16.
Researching the background to my novel [...]