I’m celebrating ! Essential Audiobooks have found a wonderful actor to record Sculpting the Elephant. Kamal Khan(see pic below) started his acting career playing Tony in a version of West Side Story and went on to have roles in East Enders and The Bill. As an English actor from an Indian background he speaks Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. He’s excited about recording STE. He identifies with the challenges facing Harry and Ramma since he now lives in LA and his partner is American. As a musician he produced his own Bollywood album so will relate to my delightful Bollywood backing singer character Gangabharti. It was such a pleasure writing about GeeBee!

I so admire Catherine O’Brien the CEO of Essential Audio books .She insists on the highest standards and was also prepared to take on a financial risk with Brushstrokes in Time. She found the perfect voice in Caroline Mc Laughlin.  Caroline is of Chinese ancestry and yet like Little Winter’s  American daughter Sara she also has an English name. The sincerity of her recording comes over strongly.   In the pic Catherine and I are talking audiobooks at Oxford Brookes University . The students gave us a great reception. The secret of a good audiobook is getting the right the VOICE! You see how lucky I am in Caroline and Kamal.