All my fiction and non –fiction and my life has been about breaking down stereotypes. March 6 is the launch of Sculpting the Elephant. At 11 am I’ll be talking on BBC Radio Oxford about the book and particularly about mixed relationships. I hope to mention a recent experience that moved me profoundly.

I took a comp copy of my novel to Caroline Henney in Antiques on High – Oxford. Caroline inspired one of the characters. Another dealer, Amanda Fore read the dedication – to anyone with a partner from a different country, religion, colour and reacted emotionally. She said, ‘You probably don’t know but my late husband was African/ American ‘and the stories poured out of her.

A CUSTOMER overheard and joined us. She said, ‘My husband is from Brazil he has American Indian ancestors.’ It was as if my novel had provided a safe space to share their experiences.  It has led Katie Isbester (Claret Press ) and  I to start a blog called #WeTwo for sharing inspirational stories. I’d love to hear from couples who have crossed artificial but often formidable barriers. Have you got one you would like to share? I hate stereotypes. The aim of my books fiction and non-fiction is to get people to see each other as individuals.

Let me start


Sylvia met Indian mathematician Atam Vetta on the steps of the first Gurdwara in the UK in Smethwick in the West Midlands. He drove up riding a Vespa- she didn’t stand a chance!

Sylvia was born in Luton and Atam in in Warburton (India).  At Partition Warburton was given to Pakistan so the child Atam became a refugee. He came to England via Delhi and Ethiopia.