The UK is fabulously well endowed with Indian and India inspired art . I reviewed many exhibitions including Dancing with the Gods at the RA

and  Visions of Mughal India at the Ashmolean.

The latter was the collection of Indian miniatures of  the artist Howard Hodgkin whose own work was inspired by India. Of the later paintings, I enjoyed Brahma, Creator of the Universe (1720). I love Howard Hodgkin description of drawing as  ‘the most naked of visual arts.’

The V&A and the Ashmolean both have fine collections.

In the V&A my favourite is this C12th Shiva from Tamil Nadu

Travelling around the UK you will stumble across many Sezincote  is a bit of India planted in Gloucestershire. Brighton Pavilion  is a delightful mixture  of India and China . In Bristol you  bump into the statue of Raj Mohan Roy where the father of modern India died . In the little village of Stoke Row in Oxfordshire you can visit the Maharaja’s Well.  I rarely meet Indian tourists interested in these things. Why is that?