Peter Hennessee says we will enter an AC world –ie AFTER CORONA VIRUS .What will that AC world look like? Can we sustain the arts that connect us? Will freelance artists, actors, musicians , journalists and performance poets survive ? Are we  about to  enter a world of computer games and artificial realities? What can we do to sustain the novel so we can walk in other people’s shoes, actor’s to inhabit those shoes and artists to interpret them ?

Over the past two years I have talked to many community groups about the importance of life writing – real lives not virtual reality. Many who interacted at my talks tell me they have started writing . That delights me .  Because of writing 120 castaway life stories and 30  shorter life stories in I Love you All , I have learned  how to do it  by doing it .  So can you . If you would like me to share  some of that experience let me know . We are each UNIQUE and so all of us have a unique story to tell.  In free online magazine , I’ll  write a few monthly tips about how to start and  how to make your story come alive.

Oxford Castaways - Sylvia Vetta Oxford Castaways 2 - Sylvia Vetta


Oxford Castaways 3 - Sylvia Vetta