The Museum of London tells the story of the Windrush generation through the fabulous photography of Charlie Philips

We usually know the names  and story of the men and  but not many stories of the white women who bravely befriended them. It was an attack involving a Swedish woman Majbritt Morrison married to a black man that sparked the Notting Hill riots.  How many people are aware of that?

On BBC  Radio 4 today there was a tear jerking and inspiring story mostly focused on Barclay who came to the UK from Guyana to work as an engineer during World War 2 . He sounds like an inspirational kind of guy. But his wife Trudy is as exceptional. Her family disowned her, she was spat at in the cinema and called a prostitute for marrying Barclay.

I made a video relating my own experience in a mixed relationship and how it inspired me to write Sculpting the Elephant.  When I took a copy of the book into Antiques on High to give to my friend Caroline Henney who, with Marilyn Williams, inspired the character of Kathy, I met Amanda Fore for the first time. She flipped through my novel and read the dedication to ‘anyone with a partner from a different country, religion, colour.’  Amanda reacted emotionally and said, ‘Glenn, my late husband, was African/American.’ And the stories poured out of her of the prejudice they both had to face and not only from white people.

Thank heavens that in the UK of 2020 mixed relationships are common and accepted but we should give due regard to those who paved the way be they male or FEMALE. This is my video…