On Sunday 24th May at 09.10am Nancy Mudenyo Hunt was on BBC Radio Oxford talking from Kenya to Lilley Mitchell about the charity she founded the NasioTrust  #covid19 preparation in Kenya. Their reality is different to ours. The people in Musanda say they would rather die of the virus than of starvation. Social distancing is not possible but the amazing campaign for hand washing that Nancy has energetically put in place in the region is bringing hopeful side effects in the reduction of cases of typhoid and scabies.

Nancy is truly inspirational. The charities she founded in Oxfordshire and Western Kenya, EMPOWER people so that they can transform their lives and community. I’ve  just had the privilege to write a novel with Nancy. We have called it NOT SO BLACK & WHITE. It is set in London and West Kenya and in fiction it portrays what Nasio aims to do – help people to help themselves-often against the odds. It will be available as an ebook on Amazon in June and ALL proceeds -after Amazon takes it commission will go to Nasio!( £2.99 –kindle)

The well-travelled, documentary film-maker Dai Richards describes our novel thus…

‘Determined to make the most of her life and abilities, Precious Mukosi swaps rural Kenya for cosmopolitan London, only to find her new home as tribal as the one she left behind. Not So Black and White is a personal journey and a love story and a fable of modern living. Precious becomes embroiled in family feuds, gang wars, a courtroom drama and much more. Themes of racial, sexual and class prejudice are finely woven through the story – to great effect.  Ultimately, this is an uplifting story where justice and love win through.  An intricate tale simply told, it’s a great read for teenagers and young adults.

And DOMINIQUE HENDERSON: (Oxfordshire village librarian born in a multi-cultural suburb of Paris – a bit like the Wentworth Estate) says. ‘This book is a true page turner. As a librarian I recommend that Not so Black and White should be on  the reading list of everyone over the age of 14! It is a beautifully written eye opener – a brilliant example of how real life should be written in fiction. What I love about it is that it doesn’t down play difficulties but it shows that you don’t have to be shackled by your past. You can hope to change your own life and change the world for the better.’

That is what Nancy has been doing all her adult life.

I love the cover -I hope you do too?