Ox Magazine is  particularly good on art and books. It is filling the gaping hole left by the demise of Oxfordshire Limited Edition. The reason that award winning magazine turned into a vehicle for advertisement features was that all the freelance writers including me were ‘sacked’ .That was why we brought the Oxford Castaway series to an end. Sam Bennett interviewed  Nancy and I via zoom  –  Nancy is in Kenya.   Not so Black and White is being sold for the Nasio Trust-  the charity Nancy founded.  Her experience transforming the lives of Oxfordshire children who might otherwise have ended up on ASBOs  or in prison was one of the reasons she was awarded Most  Inspirational Woman award by NatWest in 2015.  We want our novel to empower non- threatening discussions in schools. Nasio has access to most private schools in and around Oxford. My experience  with the Children’s Radio Foundation and the Shakespeare in Oxford project of trying to get access to disadvantaged young people in  state schools was a depressing failure. If anyone has contacts in comprehensive schools who might be interested in involving Nancy  and Nasio – discussing matters of race, class and empowerment –please let me know. https://bit.ly/3e3arNr   click on the link to enlarge the feature

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