This free magazine supports small publishing companies.  We are pleased with its variety. My brother Michael Harry has just published  Around The World by Land Sea and Air. ( Oxfordfolio)   DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS DONE THAT? Michael sailed to Australia as a £10 pom in 1961 and returned via train from  Vladivostok to Luton after he’d been infected by a heavy dose of  the travel bug !  This pic was taken when we met again after 10 years.


There’s lots more great content. If you are interested in writing your story – it includes my latest tips on reviving memories. Claret Press’s Katie Isbester has written a feature with the intriguing title of The Unbearable Lightness of Being Bookless!

Bang up to date– poetry addressing the issues of Black Lives Matter by Euton Daley of the Mandala Theatre. Euton is the son of Windrush generation parents. He came from Jamaica as a child and grew up in riot torn inner city in an inadequate education  system with low expectations of career possibilities.  One teacher believed in him  -what a difference that can make. He was director of the Pegasus Youth Theatre for 21 years.  You’ll love  ‘Ending the Silence.’

News too of the about to be published Not so Black and White by founder  of the Nasio Trust and Youth Challenge Oxfordshire,   Nancy Mudenyo Hunt (and myself).

in Ox magazine  which also features Mandala Theatre  (now supported by Radiohead)   with which Euton is involved.  Euton, Nancy and Colin Greenwood of Radiohead are all Oxtopian castaways.

Not so Black and White - Sylvia Vetta