Not so Black and White is about transforming lives in London and west Kenya but when Nancy Mudenyo Hunt and I were interviewed by Ox Magazine – the topic of the moment was Rhodes –so I was asked about it.  I don’t blame Sam in the least – if I was in his shoes I’d have done the same but I’d much rather talk about transforming lives.  In Sculpting the Elephant the historical sub plot concerned the rediscovery of the Emperor Ashoka who began as a brutal war lord but repented, became a Buddhist  pacifist, abolished the death penalty and started a 250 BC version of the welfare state. If he could change so can anyone.

Nancy changed the lives for the better of so many young people in Oxfordshire and  west Kenya  she was awarded  Most Inspirational Woman  award by Nat West in 2015 .  Two of the first Aids orphans  Nasio helped  have not only graduated but been offered  places to study for PhD in  Ivy League universities.

Ox Magazine produces good quality copy- I’d recommend it.  Its three weeks since publication as an ebook of Not so Black and White and we are getting positive responses so we’ll publish it as a printed book next month.