The memorial concert  for the wonderful musician and teacher, Trevor Cowlett took place yesterday in Oxford. Trevor founded Kennington(Oxford) and District United Choirs in 1973. All their concerts were for charity and, every year, one was for KOA which I was involved in for over 40 years and was chair of for 16.  Because of Trevor’s personal generosity and the choir concert was our biggest fundraiser, we made him our honorary life president. The Oxford Mail marked the final KOA Golden Gala event

One day Trevor  asked to see me. He fancied a history of the choir to mark their 40 years plus.  ‘Could I  give some advice?’

I looked at the huge  archive of posters, fliers and programmes.

‘How about a mini castaways book , with life stories of choir members soloists pianists etc’ ?’  I suggested . ‘That could be more interesting than a collection of fliers and programmes.’

That suggestion was to cost me year’s work because …

Trevor replied  ‘ Would you write it ?’

As chair of KOA , how could I say ‘No’?  That is how I came to write I LOVE YOU ALL?

I Love You All - Sylvia Vetta

Why the title?

Trevor chose it. Whenever he was pleased with the choir’s performance that is what he said to them.

I cast Trevor away on Oxtopia. Here is his moving story . Trevor Cowlett His feature appeared in Oxford Castaways 3. By the time of the launch,  both he and his fellow castaway, Sir Roger Bannister, were in wheel chairs (See pic). Last week a plaque was unveiled in Westminster Abbey for Sir Roger. The memorial to Trevor was modest but poignant.  Andrew Moore and the choir sang the poem Andrew wrote in tribute to Trevor. (See copy below)

He will be missed