My fellow oxib organiser, James Harrison was on BBC Radio Oxford last night being interviewed with the artist John Buckley who created the famous Headington shark. and forward to 6.35 to hear James and John. I was privileged to castaway John on Oxtopia. Inspired by the Headington Shark ,  ‘Expecting the Unexpected’ is a theme of my memoir. One of oxib’s sponsors, Holywell Press, printed two advanced copies to send to two well-known experts whose endorsements we hope to have on the cover.

One of the reasons why this not-exceptional woman is writing her memoir Food of Love is because I haven’t come across significant accounts written by or about white women married to men of colour. We tend to be ignored. In these divisive times , I hope my point of view can add nuance and even a touch of kindness. I respect my parents’ tolerance at a time when marriages like mine and Atam’s were regarded as shameful by many . In the pic below they are with my brother Mike’s in -laws.

I’ll take one as a browser copy to the oxib fair on Saturday. It’s a kind of work of art with illustrations provided by my grandchildren & artist friends including Korky Paul and Weimin He who along with John Buckley  will  be at the Indie Book Fair  on Saturday.John surprised us.  A maquette of a sculpture  by John planned for Broad Street Oxford  will be seen in public for the first time . Do come and see us. 50 exhibitors and the programme below. Go to the  website for the complete list.