Margaret Atwood said that everything in the Handmaids Tale happened to women somewhere in the world at some time but, even so, Gilead was a fictional compilation. Now Roe versus Wade has been overturned and possibly half US women will no longer have control over their own bodies. Do watch the documentary  Keep Sweet  Pray  and Obey .and you will meet the handmaids, the aunts and Marthas that are REAL people in the USA today whose bodies are the property of men .

Here is one sentence from my memoir.

‘Some of the best changes I’ve witnessed in my lifetime were the abolition of the death penalty, the legalisation of homosexuality, the legislation that gave women rights over our bodies, and the abolition of physical punishments for children. ‘

The world seems to be in a vortex going backwards. In the UK, our deplorable dishonest government wants to roll back on human rights  where once it was in the vanguard of progress . What can we do?