Sitting next to Agatha? Why did it take so long to put up a statue to her?

It took Wallingford a long time to recognise the tourist pull of long term resident Agatha Christie. I wonder why?  Is it because she was a woman?

The percentage of women’s statues in the UK that aren’t mythical or royal is approximately 3%, with more statues of statues named John dotted around the country than of women!

Oxford Castaways  2 was dedicated to Vale House the world’s first hospice for people with terminal mental illness  in the  world. If you visit, there is a plaque saying that Princess Di opened it. There is no mention of Gillian Cox, the founding chair and the drive behind it happening at all. I’ve no doubt that, if she had been a man, it would have either been called Cox House or there’d be a plaque or bust of the founder inside. I wanted to give her some acknowledgement but had to beg to writeher  Oxford Castaway away feature. The only reason the editor agreed was because it was  my final castaway feature. Newsquest were about to stop using freelancers.

To my knowledge it is the only tribute to her.

Gillian Cox Castaway.pdf Gillian Cox Castaway

Oxford Castaways 2 book cover