Love is Enough @ MAO ( Warhol and Morris)

Love is Enough @ MAO until March 8 ( see if it you can)

This exhibition curated by Turner prize winner, Jeremy Deller is also a winner. He told me “Warhol ruined me. In 1986, aged 20 I was at [...]

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Every Antique tells a Story

January 2007

This was the introductory feature of my Oxfordshire Limited Edition (The Oxford Times) series in 2007. I used this story of my own and combined it with the parallel story from Blenheim Palace to invite readers to send [...]

A Rural Revolution

Oxfordshire | Archive | 2007 | June | 5

This was part of my Every Antique tells a Story series published in Oxfordshire Limited Edition but I sought this one out myself. I had seen some of William Clegg’s truncheons [...]

A Glass Act (Whitefriars)

The craftsmanship of Whitefriars glass inspired by Scandanavian design is the feature of this year's Country Seat exhibition, writes SYLVIA VETTA.
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An Empire built on Furniture

Self-assembly furniture began in the days of the British Empire as a series of antique exhibitions show, writes SYLVIA VETTA.
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