Life has been busy but I need to get to Thame to see this before it closes . Robin’s partner Dwina was one of my Oxford Castaways. This was the cover pic.

When associated with a phenomenon like the Bee Gees, it must have been tough for her not be subsumed. She is a talented person in her own right so I was delighted when she accepted my request to contribute a poem to Poems in an Exhibition, which I curated for the human rights charity Standing Voice. She was still grieving for Robin so I was not surprised by her poem. (See below)

This is a photo of her reading it at the launch in the Old Library at St Mary the Virgil University Church.

It was the location of the oldest library in Oxford predating the Bodleian but with a great view of the more famous library!

My artist friend Weimin He provided the cover illustration .

This is the link to the feature in which I told Dwina’s own story .Dwina Gibb

This was her contribution to the anthology.